One of a kind handmade watercolor mandalas for your home

Ready made & custom pieces

Intentional, channeled artwork.
Energetic code.
Beauty & light to nourish your soul.

All in one unique piece to decorate your space.

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Mandalas- art & energetic codes

Everything in this life is energy. We see things and at the same time we're intuitively tuning into their vibration. Does this uplift me? Inspire me? Bring a smile to my face? We're all much more intuitive than most of us give ourselves credit. I create my mandalas with this in mind. Yes, mandalas are also art, a piece of home decor but the way I see them- first of all they're an energetic code.

Imge of the artist
Mandalas, with their repeating patterns and grounding shape,  encapsulate a specific mood and energy. Each one is unique. Some don’t resonate with us, and with some we instantly feel a connection.
I love creating these elaborate pieces of one-of-a-kind art which bring more light and beauty into your space, remind you of your intentions, and awaken a certain energy within you.
Nordic seaside
''I learned that the real creator was my inner self, the Shakti... That desire to do something is God talking inside through us''

– Michelle Shea

Whether it’s me creating mandalas or you having some idea slowly bubbling inside of you, I believe that it’s there for a reason. I believe that inspiration is how the Universe and our Spirit Guides communicates with us, slowly nudging us to the right direction, giving us hints through serendipity and the way we feel about certain things.
With mandalas, I felt a strong sense that my creations are aimed at bringing more beauty, light, and intention to the world. That’s why each mandala has a special place on the back to write your intention. What are you calling in into your life? What does your heart & soul need right now? My wish is that the mandala you choose would be not only a beautiful thing to look at but also a conscious reminder of what you’re calling into your life each time you see it.
When ordering a custom piece, I encourage my customers to spend some time tuning in. What colors are appealing to you and uplift you now? Do you prefer softness and flow or do you need more direction and focus? What energy are you craving? What words are you resonating with? Once they share that with me, I sit to meditate and invite their Spirit Guides to show me what shapes are needed to that particular person.