''The mandala is a map for spiritual transformation.''

-Tsultrim Allione

Art to represent your intention

One of my beliefs is that everything is energy. You’re uniquely YOU, vibrating at certain frequency and you’re drawn to the art that resonates with your soul. I see mandalas as energetic codes to represent a certain energy and intention.

What do you feel looking at each mandala? What is awakened in you? Trust your intuition when choosing, energy doesn’t lie. Whether you’re choosing a piece or ordering a custom made mandala for you- looking at your piece should make you happy. 

Practical info:


* Most mandalas are the same in size- the artwork size is 21 x 21 cm (8,26 x 8,26 inches) and frame size is 33 x 33 cm (12,99 x 12,99 inches). Please contact me if you want a different size.

* Artwork is professionally framed in glass and in either white wooden or natural oak frame.

* You can select from already made mandalas on my Etsy shop or contact me to order a custom piece with your unique intentions and colors

*Shipping worldwide from Europe.

Hey, I'm Lina!

Though I’ve been connected to creativity my whole life (I’ve been drawing my whole life, studied graphic design, and worked as a photographer for many years), about 4 years ago reading “The Artist’s Way”  by Julia Cameron I felt a strong pull to try out creating mandalas.  Though first one was quite wobbly, I immediately fell in love with the process- a perfect combination of creative flow and meditation.

Nowadays, I can easily get lost in a flow for hours, arranging colors and patterns until I reach the end result, which is always a surprise for me, too.

My story

About the creator

As someone who is coming from design & photography background, I’m mesmerized by the intuitive nature of mandalas. Yes, it’s still a creative process where composition and color scheme rules are valuable but it’s way more intuitive than other forms of art and I always feel that it’s equally art as it is meditation.

When I’m not creating mandalas, I work as Mindset Coach and EFT practitioner, helping women heal from trauma and limiting beliefs, listen to their soul, and create an authentic and fulfilling life where their heart and their joy is a priority.

I adore ecstatic dance events, love Women’s circles (both leading and attending), believe in life-long learning and feel most at home when barefoot by the sea or when hiking in the mountains. There’s something so inspiring about the expansive energy of both places!

About the process

As a believer in Feng Shui, I create only when I’m in a good mood, I feel that interior elements in your home affect you and I think that it’s best to surround yourself with things that inspire you, make you smile, and allow you to remember your intentions.

I live in a small town by the sea, surrounded by Nordic woods where I love to go for a walk to gather inspiration.

Before sitting to create, I sit to meditate and set the intention to connect with Spirit and be led in this process. I’m usually painting with a cup of ceremonial cacao, essential oils, and crystals by my side, while spiritual music like mantras, kirtans or shamanic medicine songs play in the background. When creating a custom order for a specific person I always invite their Spirit Guides to guide me on what symbols and energy are needed for that person.

Each mandala is filled with intricate patterns and takes about 5-6 hours to create.

Made with only professional materials. Gold paints add additional shine looking from the side.

Created through spiritual connection and for custom pieces- according to your unique intentions.